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A Delighted Customer - Nneka

Posted December 17, 2013

Although I am slightly wondering if a bridal comment is something to blog about or just put it up on the testimonial page on the website, but I think it is important that potential customers can see what other impartial people think, so yes I am going to blog about it

Nneka originally ordered this wonderful bridal earring and floral headband.




She loved the earring because it is delicate but still adds quite a sparkle but the headband just wasn’t working for her. After an exchange of emails I made a few recommendations which if I am honest I am slightly biased to the chosen one as it is one of my all-time favourites.


Nneka loved it, here’s what she had to say:


You’re right, the headpiece is absolutely beautiful!! I really love it so much, thank you so much for the recommendation. I can’t stop looking at it and want to wear it now!! It really is perfect and I will definitely send you a picture of me on the day with it in. Thanks for being so great about exchanging it as well. I’ve really appreciated it.

Thanks again, I’m very happy indeed!!”

I later emailed her back to obviously say I was happy she had found her perfect wedding day hair accessory to wish her luck and ask if I could share her comments, to which she replied:


I’d be delighted if you shared it and then people could get a real feel and idea of what it’s like. And how lovely it really is! It would be an honour to be on your website

Once again many thanks can’t wait to share the pictures!

Nneka x”

It is so heart-warming to hear that I have helped and made a small difference to someone's special day. This is one of the reasons I love my job and hope I can help many more brides in the future.

Zena Stylist,