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A Delighted Customer - Nneka

Posted December 17, 2013

Although I am slightly wondering if a bridal comment is something to blog about or just put it up on the testimonial page on the website, but I think it is important that potential customers can see what other impartial people think, so yes I am going to blog about it Nneka originally ordered this wonderful bridal earring and floral headband. ..more..

If the dress makes the wedding, then I say the jewellery makes the dress. I have realized that jewellery seems to be often relegated to just the "accessories" category & put off until the last minute, causing major issues when a bride can't find just what she's looking for. In my time, you can say I've seen my fair share of bridal blunders and we..more..

Ever wonder where all these crazy wedding superstitions and sayings derive from? Read on and find out just how some of these interesting ideas came about. In many cultures, the groom historically often kidnapped the bride, and the groom’s friends would help him, leading to the modern-day groomsmen.      At the alter,..more..

Welcome to Our Blog

Posted October 15, 2013

Whatever style persuasion a girl has, there’s nothing like her upcoming nuptials to reveal a secret hankering for that extra bold bridal statement.  Surrounded by the finest silks, tulle, glittering crystals and delicate pearls, the idea of the safe, standard look is all but thrown out of the window… And why not? There are so many ex..more..